Saturday, 14 January 2012

Finally finished!!!

The last few plumbing issues and tidying up bits were completed today. Thank you to Steve for spending Saturday getting us up and running with our Biomass/solar thermal domestic heat system. Fantastic!

The radiators and water are hot hot hot! We have hot water on demand 24/7 thanks to our fabulous thermal store - 300 litre cylinder of water that holds the heat we input from the new wood pellet boiler and the solar loop. We will also utilise every bit of energy harvested by the solar thermal panels, using a renewable fuel to do the rest when there aren't enough sun hours or our demand is higher when the heating is on. Right on cue there was not a cloud in the sky today so our solar collectors were doing their thing this morning and pre-heated the water in the thermal store for us!

So we've realised a five year dream of getting the house off oil! It hasn't quite sunk in yet just how much of "our bit" we've done to reduce our climate impact but I'm starting to feel very good about the "choice" we made as to what to spend this money on as it was "doing nowt int' bank" (cash ISAs).

I could have ripped out the kitchen and had a dazzling dream new one but I can make do a while. Or even a few weeks of luxury long haul, but where would be afterwards - no money and an oil boiler to feed and then replace in a hurry with another one when it eventually broke down midwinter - that's where. Then the Renewable Heat Initiative (RHI) came along and I thought "I want some of that" and "this is what I should expect from my taxes - help to do the right thing".

I can cross this project off the list now and see what might be next over a nice glass of champagne...

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