Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Domestic Biomass Install - its all go!

Installation proper got going early this morning...

It's only 11am and already scaffolding has been delivered,
and put up, to do the flue and I've ordered our first pallet load of wood pellets to come tomorrow.

The main event this morning was the delivery of our new Windhager boiler!! Needed three men to get it off the back of the lorry and manoeuvre it onto the concrete floor inside the garage. Thank you to my neighbours for being patient for five minutes while this happened!

Slight spanner in the works is that the old oil boiler is proving tricky to remove at this moment but only a matter of time...

Most thankful for the mild weather while we are without heating. Even so we were glad of the log burner in the living room last night!

Time to put the kettle on I expect!!!



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